Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From September 07, 2019 onwards
Pathankot, Punjab: September 11, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed many saints from various regions of Punjab in this divine spiritual tour.

Satguru Mata Ji reached Pathankot on September 10, 2019 from the city of Bathinda along with Rev Ramit Ji and the entourage. Saints from Jammu and Himachal Pradesh could also come for this vast Samagam held in Pathankot.

Satguru Mata Ji blessed saints and said:

Today here in Pathankot, you all have gathered to glorify this Formless Divine. In this verse of Avtar Bani, we were hearing about Maya (Materialism) and realised that everything that we see and experience around us, is nothing but, illusion. This world is the greatest form of delusion because things are not what they appear, everything is temporary and perishable here. A person who is hungry can only think of food at that moment but, his hunger is satiated as soon as he doesn’t feel like eating any further. So basically what was important just a few minutes back becomes irrelevant in another moment. The glittery world around us, keeps on attracting us and becomes the reason of temporary pleasure but, as we begin to give it utmost importance, we overlook the ultimate reality.

Amidst all this we need to remind ourselves that we should not let these worldly pleasures overpower us. These things are meant to be used in a certain and restricted way and not vice versa. We should not become so habituated that without these things we find ourself suffering.

In these lines shadow is compared with Maya. When the sun is behind us then the shadow is formed in front of us but, when we turn towards the sun then the shadow is behind us. Shadows can never be captured, the more we run after them the more it drifts away. Likewise, Maya also plays with our mind, no matter how hard we try to resist it, it keeps on bouncing back.

Just as a child who wants a toy badly, gets bored of it soon and then he wants a new toy; such is the state of humans too. We desire something desperately and once we receive it, our desire shifts to something else but, to stop this vicious circle, one must change the focus to the formless one.

Here, a person who is always engrossed in Maya is compared with a blind man. A blind man cannot see because of his physical ability but, a man absorbed in Maya closes his eyes purposely, not wanting to realise the ultimate truth. He remains entrapped in the illusion which hinders from self-realisation and chooses to give importance to the things which are momentary and passing.

One must endeavour to attain the ultimate truth before it gets too late and the feeling of guilt begins to surface. Deluded by worldly deceptions, captivated by Maya, a person feels mislead and defeated, at the final stage. The life which is given to us to realise God, gets wasted under the influence of Maya. It is impossible to disconnect from Maya because of various responsibilities that a human is supposed to shoulder but, giving excessive importance to it, begins to delude us. We, as beings are supposed to use the worldly things meant for us but, we commence to get entrapped in these things and this is when the problem arises. Excess of everything brings devastation and extreme attachment with things and people often brings trouble and disappointment. To avoid these circumstances, one must attach himself to the eventual source of bliss that is Nirankar. Only God can bring much needed and everlasting ease and contentment in life.

The holy company of saints has always benefitted men as they have influenced the humans in the most impactful way. When we attend Satsang, our aura becomes naturally calm, it is because of the positive energy radiated from saints. They have always shown the path towards Nirankar (God). Since ages, they have been guiding our journey towards spirituality. Not only do they tell us to choose the right directions but, also direct us to stay focussed. They teach us to look only at the good qualities of one another while ignoring the shortcomings of others.

Sometimes we get fascinated towards new gadgets or phones but, after a while we get bored of them and a new gadget begins to lure us. Then, we want to replace the old with the new one. All this is nothing but Maya, which keeps playing around.

Amidst the worldly pleasures and sufferings, Maya controls us to the core but, there is only one way to break this shackle and that is called Satsang. The company of saints in Satsang and constant remembrance of Nirankar is what keeps us sane in this chaotic world. Gautam Buddha, also once mentioned, that he got the opportunity to experience two extremely opposite lives, one of a king and another of a monk. He experienced the luxuries of a palace and later he chose isolation and meditation above everything.

After experiencing both the lives he gave a conclusion that a person does not need to become an extremist but, in order to make life a blissful experience one must find a balance. There are no more up and downs in life and we begin to live life with ease and contentment. This is possible only through Brahmgyan. By realising God, one attains the consciousness to attach himself to the one that is constant and unchangeable called Nirankar. This is the only way to stay detached from this illusionary world.

Sometimes Maya comes in such minutest form that we do not even realise its existence. We form an opinion based on fickle influences. Delusions become our guiding force and we lose the ability to see the truth. At the end, I would like to emphasise on detached attachment. We should be grateful to Lord Almighty for this life and for all the comforts, for all that we have and also that we do not have. Deprival of anything should not sadden us. Attachment to the extent of suffering and depression is never good.

Now, as I’ve already taken a lot of time, I would like to conclude since I can see that saints not only from Pathankot but, from Jammu and other adjoining areas too have come to attend Satsang. This shows your commitment and devotion towards Sewa, Simran and Satsang. May there be ever increasing growth in this. This place where the congregation was organized, was a jungle once, but with the constant Sewa and efforts put in by saints, this place has turned into a vast ground where all of us are sitting comfortably to glorify this Formless One.

I am not going to take any more of your time now and as I take leave of you, once again I would request everyone to take Satsang as Satsang and not like a fest or fair. Each word spoken here is of utmost importance and it should be heard and absorbed. This should not become a place for get togethers, rather Satsang is a blessed place where no word is worth ignoring or missing. Every experience shared here is precious and a complete learning in itself. We get these valuable moments of Satsang with the Grace of Nirankar and we should cherish them completely.

*   *   *