Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: August 18, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji blessed the devotees of Delhi NCR and nearby regions in Ground No. 8 on Burari road with a vichar from a Holy Verse 224 – Sampuran Hardev Bani.

Her Holiness said:

“During the time of congregation today, the weather took an unlikely turn; it was raining heavily. All the saints who have gathered here might have taken an hour or two to reach here by different modes of transportation. Some might have changed a couple of buses, taken autos or would have walked for a distance in the rain. It is all due to the undeterred faith and devotion in you that instills the desire to attend congregations. May Nirankar bless everyone with the same feelings in abundance with each passing day.

As today I would be keeping my thoughts around one of the verses from Hardev Bani; the moment I went through this verse, the thought that prevailed was on the characteristics of a human who is expected to behave like a human. The line also states that if a human enacts and performs duties like a human then only he is successful in the real sense otherwise, it is as similar to the fact that if we are assigned any task and we are not able to complete it as desired then we get the tag of failure which proves our incapability towards the task.

A human might look like a human due to his physical appearance but, unless he sublimates his instincts and thoughts to act for the good of mankind, he cannot be considered a human. Like a bird is never asked to enact like a bird or if a bird has to look like a bird, only adding wings is not the sole criteria to give it that identity. There are several other factors including the shape of the body, the beak and the peculiar sound it hums. The way it builds its nest and many other attributes that define the existence of a bird. Besides human beings, whatever we see, be it a horse or a tree, we never ever say that the horse doesn’t look like a horse or a tree doesn’t resemble a tree. It is just for a human that it is reinstated time and again that these humans don’t look like humans. It is because humans do not perform the tasks that belong to them, they should be filled with the feeling of love. They have come here to realize their real goal or destination and know about God Almighty. If they don’t behave in this manner, they are not eligible to be called humans.

This message is being given since ages, be it Satyug, Dwaparyug, Tretrayug or Kalyug. If for a moment we keep aside the history and look into the personal lives, then also we see the need to remind humans of their real identity. Like we set an alarm clock for the time we know we have to rise up from bed but, when it rings, we delay it for another five minutes and we snooze it again for another five minutes. Similarly, humans are also reminded to come in their awaken state in the real sense by saints, sages and seers since time immemorial but, despite this reminder buzzing in their ears, they tend to delay it. So, if we have to live with our full potential, we must fulfill all the expectations that are set for humans. Our aim should not be only to fulfill them but, also to make it further beautiful. While the basic criteria is to adopt human values but, one should try to spread his fragrance of good qualities around to impact the life of others too.

So, while we have to fulfill our responsibilities, we have to go one step further and not restrict ourselves to only the limited possibilities. Instead, we have to maximize our contributions to an extent that we act as a catalyst to bring the same fragrance in others’ lives too.

God Almighty has facilitated every existence created by Him to live the way He has planned for them, be it animals, birds or nature itself. The property of water is to flow downwards and freeze in cold temperatures. Trees remain covered with greenery during rainfall and shed away their leaves during autumn. All come with their peculiar traits or properties and live by abiding the rules that Nirankar has decided for them. So, all these indications and examples in these lines repeatedly stress out on comparison of human beings with all the other creatures of the universe. While human beings are considered to be the Supreme of all the living creatures but, if we specifically look at this aspect, we see that all the rest of the creatures are in fact supreme because all of them are performing their duties impeccably. But, we as humans have been given birth in this form to realize God but, are somehow failing in doing so. It is not a journey till we attain God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan). Even if we have taken God-knowledge (Brahmgyan) we must analyze that are we truly living like humans? Or are we still living in darkness, in greed or living with any other trait that is not since all options are open in front of us. We know what is right and what is wrong, we have been blessed with enough consciousness that we can choose what we have to pick – appreciate vices in the form of stones or good virtues in the form of flowers.

Everything on earth; be it the sun, moon, stars or any of the other celestial bodies, they all follow the rules and appropriate functionality in their life span. For that matter of fact, if we buy any raw food stuff from the market, it also has a specific cooking recipe, a date of manufacturing and expiry. Basically, we are aware of the shelf life in which we have to use the same. It is also mentioned whether the thing is supposed to be refrigerated or not. Similarly, we are being created by God and if we see, even man-made things follow certain rules and we are aware that we have to consider the traits linked with them to take full benefit of their creation. All are performing their deeds as required, but it is the humans who slip from their responsibilities time and again. They utter bitter words that hurt others and even impact themselves with it too. We don’t leave any stone unturned to make others feel bad. So, definitely, we are not able to prove ourselves rightfully as humans while all the rest of the things are.

So why are humans carrying this tag of notoriety on their head and why are they being pointed out every time? Then there is certainly something wrong that humans are doing which they should not do. Humans get into some habits that are wrong, be it drug addiction or any other intoxication. While they are aware that it is not healthy for them physically as well as mentally but, still they get habitual of such deeds after tasting it once. This way we are destroying our existence. So, the gist is again the same that how can we utilize this birth this life that has been given to us as a gift from God! Are we actually taking our lives downstream or indulging ourselves in humanly activities in the real sense?

The journey of an alcoholic person begins with intoxication the moment he takes the first sip. It is somewhere not about worldly things but, about introspecting that how do we feel from inside. Are we impacted by the teachings of saints or are we moving blindly and choosing to close our ears towards such teachings to take the other path which is not in line with such teachings.

We’ve acquired the body of a human and have started performing humanly tasks like attending school in our tender age, indulging in studies while growing up and other related things too. But, the main essence is the feelings and intentions within us. Even if we perform all the tasks related to humans and are still not able to identify the real motive, the main goal for which we are here, then everything becomes pointless. Like the game of darts that makes us focus on one point; on the red bull's eye. Similarly, while living in humanly body, one should know his existence. We must remember that we have emerged from this Almighty and we can attain salvation only if we live like true humans; by loving everyone and not harming or hurting others.

We must protect ourselves from every bad deed. Like a white cloth gets stained if put in a coal mine; similarly we must try not to impact our birth from any such blot.

There will be ups and downs in life but, we must keep calm and move by balancing everything and proving ourselves to be humans in the true sense.

The indication is towards the same thing that the way humans are living their lives; the only solution to stay intact with their true nature is to adopt the teachings of saints. Attending congregations and seeking blessings from Nirankar, one should try to incorporate the teachings of Satguru in their lives and stay away from the path that is devoid of such teachings.

The good things that we learn in the congregation every day help us to live with deeper feelings that can raise the stature of our lives. The more we move on this path, the better we will be able to live like true humans.

So, we have to adopt the traits of a true human being. It is important to stay in our true form, like we see, if we pour some color in water, the water though will still show its innate properties of being transparent due its composition of H2O but, the color will impact its look to some extent and water might not look crystal clear or transparent. Similarly, we as humans have to maintain our purest form.

I would not take much time now. In the entire verse, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj is emphasizing on how to become the best versions of ourselves. We have to adopt only the good traits from around us and not impact ourselves from rest of the things. The habits that are not meant for our good should not be adopted either. We have emerged from Nirankar and we must try to become like one for our own benefit.

May Nirankar bless all with Sewa, Sumiran, Satsang. The more we will stay connected with Nirankar, the better our lives will get. Then we would not require to speak much but, our own deeds will speak for us to an extent that people will start setting examples and would aspire to become like us. As we are blessed with human body, we must lead our lives also like humans.”

*   *   *