Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: August 04, 2019

The Sant Nirankari Mission held special congregations throughout the country and abroad on Sunday, August 4, 2019 to pay homage to Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj for Her guidance and contribution to spread the Mission’s message of love, peace, unity and brotherhood. The main congregation in Delhi was presided over by Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

In Her vichar Mata Ji said:-

“Today we are remembering the life of a Satguru who not only devoted Her entire life for the betterment of others but, also taught us the qualities of a human being by displaying the human virtues She possessed. Her life was a reflection of the human qualities which we have heard about since childhood. Be it Her humility, enormity and giving comfort to others by taking their pain away; all these virtues were part of Her personality. Satguru Mata Ji’s nature of giving was remarkable, She always gave whatever She possessed. Whoever got the opportunity to interact with Her, on one to one basis or had the chance to spend time with Her; know very well about Her devotion. She shared the stage with Satguru Baba Ji and Raj Mata Ji in the form of ‘Triveni’ along with fulfilling all Her responsibilities as a mother. She was always attentive towards the needs of fellow devotees and saints. I can recall one such example from the past; once during Satsang I was sitting right there on the floor, suddenly I realized that Mata Ji is signalling towards someone, when I looked around, I realized that a devotee had fainted due to excessive heat and She wanted us to reach out to her for help. Here She was forgetting about Her own health as She was running high fever at that time.

During that moment She did not care about Her own health, and even much later in life when She was undergoing major health crises; She only thought about the welfare of others. She not only avoided resting but, inspired us to work for the Mission with more devotion and dedication. She told us to be careful of Satguru’s stature and to look up to Satguru beyond and above family connects and personal bondages. Satguru Mata Ji motivated us to work shoulder to shoulder to strengthen the Mission. She was a living example of all the love and integrity that She wanted to instil in us.

Today, we all have gathered here to not only honour Her memories and pay homage to Her but, to take inspiration from Her life and while doing so if we can imbibe a single quality of Hers, our life would become meaningful. She never complained about the ups and downs of life, but always insisted that this is Nirankar’s plan and He always does best for His children.

Not only as a Satguru but, as a mother too, she inspired and motivated us to be a true Gursikh (devotee). She continuously reminded us that being a part of the Satguru’s family is not a privilege but, a huge responsibility. It’s a commitment that as a Gursikh you have to be available for all the Sewas within your capacity. She reminded us that we have to become an obedient child of the congregation (Sangat Maa) and to achieve this standing, we have to go to whatever extent we are required to go. She would often say that do not hesitate to give up your comforts for the sake of Sewa. Even when I was blessed with Sewa in this form; I was told by Mata Ji that Satsang should be my priority and I should lead a life that Baba Ji, Rajmata Ji and Shehanshah Ji wanted us to live. Time and again we have discussed about the era of Shehanshah Ji; which was a time of ‘Satvachan’ (obediance), we have to bring back that time together. When I bowed down to Her holy feet for namaskar, I only seeked Her blessings to live a life which She wanted me to. I can only fulfil Her vision with the Grace of Nirankar, Baba Ji and the blessings of the congregation (Sangat Maa).

Even if I devote each second of my life, I would find myself running short of time to reach that level. At the end, I would just like to say that although it is impossible to repay Her favours but, at least we can try to do so by being true devotees of the Nirankari Mission and by making a genuine effort to change ourselves in order to change our lives. We have to imbibe the qualities of Mata Savinder Ji to become the true follower of this Mission, then only we will be able to pay true tributes to Her life in the most sincere way. I pray for everyone that may we live our life under the constant realisation of Nirankar and see this formless divine as the prime one and complete source of our happiness. May our faith in Nirankar grow stronger and the small ups and downs do not deter us from the path of devotion. May we imbibe the qualities of this divine to lead a blissful life while following the commandments of Satguru.”

*   *   *