Overseas Salvation Tour by
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From July 01, 2019 onwards
Mantua, Italy: July 07, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj reached the famous city of Mantua, Italy on 6th July, 2019 from Innsbruck, Austria along with Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji, Rakesh Mutreja Ji and Dilbagh Ji. Her Holiness received a warm welcome from all the saints, not only from Italy but, from the neighbouring countries as well as India.

The main European Samagam was held here in Mantua, Italy on the 7th of July. This Samagam was organized in one of the largest halls of the city. It was heartening to see everyone seated 15 minutes before the assigned time, which was 11 am.

Mata Ji was welcomed by many dignitaries and leaders of various organizations. The entire Samagam was translated in Italian alongside.

In Her vichar Mata Ji stated:-

We all have gathered here in Italy for the European Samagam and saints have assembled here not only from Italy but, from the neighbouring countries and India also to glorify Nirankar Almighty. This is not just a Satsang programme but, also an opportunity to know our true identity. After realising the ultimate truth, that is Nirankar; one achieves the state of awareness and to keep it going we are blessed with Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang. With God’s realisation our life gets blessed with human virtues. We learn virtues of human beings and become immune to all the negativity. Even when someone provokes us, we know that we have to maintain our composure and do not have to repeat the other person’s behaviour because when we retain calmness then it becomes soothing not only for us but, for others too.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Sadh Sangat and to all the representatives from various organisations including the Indian embassy for taking out time to be available here and to appreciate the teachings of the mission. The need of the hour is to make bridges, not walls. We must not confine ourselves within the self-created walls around us. There should be a constant effort to reach out to the hearts of one another. We are illuminated souls as we are blessed with Brahmgyan (God-knowledge) and it should reflect through our actions and behaviour. As said by saints and sages; a human life blessed with human virtues becomes a life worth celebration and every moment becomes a bliss in itself.

As we live our lives following certain routines and observe different types of weathers throughout the year; be it summer, winter, rain or snow. Similar is the state of our life, we too face different types of emotions and circumstances throughout the journey of our life. We go through various situations in life whereas some bring happiness, some sorrows and some physical discomforts but, when so much is happening with us in one life time, then how do we achieve the state of calmness and blissfulness? How do we keep our behaviour in control? This is possible only when we attach ourselves with one stable source, with the origin of ultimate bliss, that is Nirankar. In this materialistic world where everything is perishable and comes with a shelf life; only God is eternal. He was always there and will continue to exist forever. This eternal all-pervading formless God is the only source that can provide the state of stability, ease and bliss, irrespective of the situation we are surrounded with. We might address Nirankar with different names, be it Allah, God, Waheguru or Ram but, He is the omnipresent divine consciousness whose remembrance brings the stability in our life and we begin to move towards serenity. Although, the words ‘move’ and ‘stillness’ are contradictory in themselves but, the essence behind saying this is to make an effort to acquire the qualities of Nirankar. We are His extension and moving towards Him is actually moving towards true progress.

The actual journey of devotion begins only after we achieve the state of blissfulness which is possible only through Brahmgyan. Once we realise our true self and become aware of our purpose, then not only does this life become beautiful but, we also attain salvation during this lifetime. Just now one of the speakers mentioned that may Nirankar fulfil everyone’s wishes; to this I would like to say that this Formless God is already fulfilling our wishes, but because of our own narrow visions and confinements we are not able to realise His divine grace. He knows what is best for us and is already blessing us with that. We aspire for various materialistic pleasures, some want worldly achievements, titles and those who are childless, pray for a child but, what we do not realise is that if God is depriving us of something, then it is for our own betterment. This Lord Almighty is the ultimate planner and He has decided the best for us already. All we need to do is to replace our complaints with gratitude. Gratitude is a beautiful way to live this life. Once we acquire the attitude of gratitude then all our troubles gradually vanish and we learn to look at life positively and beautifully.

Gratitude brings along ease and compassion and we learn to become selfless. We begin to think of ways in which we can contribute towards a better world. A heart full of compassion, vastness and forgiveness is always a blessing for the family, society and later for the world as it carries purest of emotions and human virtues. It knows how to create a world without walls and spread the feeling of Universal Brotherhood. A harmonious environment is created eventually. In today’s congregation we heard so many songs and each song was supported by various instruments; be it tabla, harmonium or dholak. Every instrument was different yet worked perfectly in sync with each other creating a melodious harmony. We should also strive to create similar harmony irrespective of diversities in the name of country, appearance, diet or gender. Rather, we should see everyone as part of the Super Soul carrying the same divine light.

For achieving this melodious harmony and smoothness in life, we do not have to wait for any particular age. It can begin right now. We have seen in today’s congregation (Satsang) that how everyone across varied age groups expressed their love for Nirankar. Devotion does not need to depend on any specific age. It is meant for everyone. As soon as we feel the curiosity to know about Nirankar, we must quench our thirst with the Divine Knowledge as it leads to a journey of blissful life. We begin to follow humanity and compassion in each sphere of life without having to be reminded to act in a particular way. We humans have love within us on autopilot mode. We rise above biases and hatred and look at the world as one, creating the perfect accord of “Vasudev Kutumbkam” – Universal Brotherhood in the exact sense.

Now, without taking more time I would just like to say that we should remember Nirankar at all times while fulfilling our responsibilities towards society. Our thoughts, words and behaviour should be such that everyone should be able to recognise that we are the true followers of Nirankari Mission. We must follow the teachings of Satguru Baba Ji, Mata Ji, Rajmata Ji and all the elderly saints of the mission. Only after following their teachings we realise the preciousness of this Divine Knowledge. We begin to feel the divine radiance but, it should not be restricted to our own selves. We have to become a light house so that others can also feel the same bliss of the divine radiance. At the end I would just pray that may Nirankar continue to bless each one of you with His Grace and we are able to implement the teachings of Satsang in our day to day life to become better human beings.

*   *   *