May 23: Pauri Garhwal, UK -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From May 19, 2019 onwards
Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand: May 23, 2019

After inaugurating Timli and Bagwan’s newly constructed Bhawan, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with the entourage reached Pauri Garhwal late evening. Next day on May 23, 2019 there was a Samagam held at the Satsang Bhawan which was constructed two years back but, was inaugurated by Satguru Mata Ji’s blessings now. Regular congregations were being held till now in this Bhawan. The devotees were waiting for the arrival of their Satguru to come and inaugurate the Bhawan.

In Her Vichar Satguru Mata Ji blessed and stated:

“While coming from Rishikesh, we got a chance to visit Timli and Bagwan yesterday. In Timli, there is no proper road and one has to travel on foot to reach the Satsang Bhawan. There too, great enthusiasm of the saints was observed towards Sangat and Nirankar; even though there are not many facilities but, at least the saints are getting an opportunity to do Satsang. Although the Satsang here is being held in the Satsang Bhawan since past two years but, today’s Satsang is on the pretext of inauguration. I pray that whenever you come for Satsang, please follow the decorum and discipline of the Satsang so that this Satsang Bhawan is always used judiciously.

We are surrounded by the beauty of nature, may this beauty just not remain outside but, reside within us as well. Today the world is filled with hatred, narrow mindedness and intolerance. But, the words of saints that we listen to in Sangat, saints are not of that nature and only pray for the benefit of mankind. With the same perspective we have to think that what is the aim of our life; have we identified ourselves? We can only identify ourselves when we identify this Almighty God and once we are blessed with God-knowledge we need to see whether we are living according to the words of the saints; that if we are human, we should behave like humans and not behave like animals. Do we have that much love in our hearts that we can spread into the world. Do we have those traits in our personality that we can be called a ‘Mahapurush’ (saint).

Wherever we go, we must promote this Mission if not through words, then primarily through our actions. Nobody should get a chance to say that he/she is a follower of Nirankari Mission, but look how he/she is behaving. So, we have to always keep in mind that we have this formless Nirankar with us always. We have to strengthen our bond with Him which is only possible through Sewa, Satsang and Simran. We should make Simran and Satsang our way of life and whatever words are coming from saints, those should not be limited to our ears but, embedded in our personalities. As far as Sewa is concerned it should be from the heart and nobody should feel that we are doing it because someone has asked us to do so, rather there should be a selfless feeling from within us and we should surrender to the Nirankar.

When Sewa is done selflessly; be it from Tan, Man or Dhan (body, mind and wealth), it is only considered Sewa if it is done with the feeling of surrenderance towards Nirankar and with the realization that we reside in the formless and He is omnipresent. I would not take any more time as you all have come from far and have to head back to your homes. I am overwhelmed seeing you all in Pauri. The journey is to be continued and I will get a chance to meet more devotees and everywhere it is seen that Nirankar is given the utmost importance. The moment we forget Nirankar, that moment is wasted. We should live every moment, every breath as one with Nirankar and since we are a part of this Nirankar, we should also live a unbiased life.”

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