Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From May 19, 2019 onwards
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: May 21, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left Mussoorie on 21 st May, 2019 after a days halt there for Rishikesh along with the entourage. Rishikesh is a city in India’s Northern State of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foot hill beside the Ganges River.

Addressing a large gathering of devotees in the evening Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Holy Saints, Say with love, Dhan Nirankar Ji! Coming to Rishikesh and seeing you all in the form of this Congregation is giving me immense happiness. Today morning during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Satsang Bhawan; which is a gift for all of us for doing Satsang, I expressed my feelings that in our life, we have to keep strengthening our relation, our bond with the Almighty Nirankar. The only way to do so is, first and foremost we have to know and realise this Almighty Nirankar i.e. we have to attain the God Knowledge (Gyan). It’s the first requirement because devotion cannot be started in the real sense till the time we don’t see this Almighty God with our own eyes through the Divine Vision and only after seeing this utmost Supreme Power in its truest form, can devotion actually be possible in our lives.

Thereafter, reading the holy Scriptures, holy books etc. we will eventually realize and understand what Saints and Sages have said over the years about this Almighty God and what we’ve seen through our own eyes. When we attain this God Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) we can live this life filled with immense virtues, the divine virtues and human values. At the same time when we leave this body and take our last breath i.e. when death arrives, this God Knowledge, (Brahm Gyan) is the only entity or wealth which we carry along with us. Knowledge of the Almighty Nirankar is the real wealth which we take along with us from this world after leaving this body. This enlightenment helps us to know our true selves, self-realization, that we are only a soul and we are not this body. Since so many years we are in this body, which is a vessel, so we confuse ourselves by thinking that we are this body but, it actually is not so; this soul is a part or essence of this Super Soul and this soul has to eventually merge back into the Super Soul. For eg: if there’s a man infront of whom we keep a stone and a gem and we tell him to choose one of the two. If he chooses the gem everyone will consider him to be an intelligent wise man because he understood the difference between a valuable and an invaluable product. Hence he has the vision, the eye to realize the real value. Had that man picked up the stone and not the gem, then everyone would have said that in his life, he had the opportunity to pick up such a valuable product, a gem but, he missed his chance and picked up the stone instead of the valuable gem.

So, in our lives what is the real product, which we really value? Then in our thoughts, feelings we see what we adopt or inculcate are only the divine virtues, human values. This world has both good and bad; so which way can we be cautious and keep away from the bad and see only the good virtues. In today’s congregation here, u all were listening to all that was being spoken from the stage by the speakers. That we only come here for taking food for 2 our soul, for the benefit of our soul. Listening to the pious thoughts from various saints all that was being said from the stage, may it be a song, may it be a speech, or a poem, or whatever language was used. Whether it was from a really small child or an elderly saint everyone strengthened our bond with Nirankar.

When we talk about Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang, all three “S” have to be followed and executed together by us that when we are doing or performing any Sewa, then it must be done with the feeling of Sewa, selflessly only, we should not think that there’s some kind of pressure on us in doing Sewa so that is why we are doing it. We are doing it for our internal happiness and bliss only, not seeking any particular materialistic benefit. This life which God Almighty has bestowed to each one of us, we have to only and only express gratitude and thankfulness to Nirankar, that whatever we’ve been blessed with is good for us. We don’t have to be negative if we have a particular problem or ailment. We should not question that why has Nirankar given this problem to me. With this body joys and sorrows; good and bad, thick and thin; will continue to remain, but our thoughts and feelings should only have gratitude and thankfulness instead of complaints and criticism. Sumiran should not be done only because it’s to be done as a habit or a ritual, a routine but, whenever we do Sumiran it should be done with complete surrender to this Nirankar, with thankfulness. Every moment when we remain connected it strengthens and deepens our relation, our bond with this Almighty Nirankar in this mortal form.

Nirankari Mission is spreading this message to one and all, that in this whole world all are loved and are our own beings. The complete humanity is one and we are all one only because we all are the essence of only one Super Soul. Inspite of differences of various eating habits, dressing sense, caste, creed, color of our skin, or may be any other difference of that form; we still are one. This kind of variation should never come into our vision, rather we should only agree to one feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is one family), feeling of Universal Brotherhood, feeling of Oneness, of Unity. This way we wipe each other’s tears and not trouble others. We should be kind and have good feelings in our hearts and let ego not overpower us. Rather only love and love should reflect from our lives. By using bitter words firstly we disturb our own peace and then end up disturbing others and hurting their hearts too.

I would not like to take any more of your time as u all have gathered here since long hours in this congregation and many saints have to return back to for off places. So with this humble prayer I would like to convey that till the time we are giving the prime importance to this Almighty Nirankar and to this Sewa, Satsang and Sumiran and while accepting this fact that all are our own and no one should speak or do anything which is not as per the Mission. We should behave in such a manner that it only displays the message of the Mission."

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