Overseas Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From February 24, 2019 onwards
Adelaide, Australia: March 04, 2019

During the Salvation tour of Australia, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left Perth on March 3, 2019 and reached Adelaide on the same day.

Mata Ji was welcomed by devotees at the Nirankari Bhawan. On March 4, 2019 South Australian Parliamentarians Welcomed Satguru Mata ji in the Parliament. Russel Wortely and Dana Wortely Member of Upper House Legislative council and Member parliament for Torrens with Peter Malinauskas Leader of Labor Party of SA presented Satguru with a Shawl and Appreciation letter for Missionary Activities.

Large numbers of devotees and guests from other communities including few politicians attended this congregation on March 4. Her Holiness addressed the congregation and said:

“Saints, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who is here today to be in this congregation and having taken out times from their daily lives for this purpose. Where we are not just only hearing about humanity and the human values. But, also trying to practice them in our day to day lives. Not just the basics that we have been taught over the years or perhaps, since our childhood, that we know very well what is expected for me as a human? Or what human traits should I be emitting? So over the years we sometimes even forget the basic courtesies and the values, that we are naturally designed to be practicing. Therefore, time and again, since years and years saints and sages have come to the earth and tried to put us on the path where we can just follow what we have to do? What we correctly as a human need to do?

And similarly while you all are feeling the bliss of this congregation. Through all these devotional thoughts, be it in the form of songs, speeches or performances by the children. So it is certain that there is no age barrier for devotion. Every age group, right from children to seniors and also youth have participated in speeches, etc. Also, there is no bias on the basis of gender and we have both men and women in almost equal numbers. Because being born in a human body we do not know how many breaths we are blessed with, and when will our breathing stop? Hence, while we are living we should aim for the actual purpose of our human birth. Self-realization is only possible through God-realization. Once we realize this Omnipresent, whom we call out by different names like - Parmatma, Allah, Waheguru, Akal Purakh. With whichever name based on our faith we may address God with; there is only one meaning to it that we all belong to God and He is our origin.

If within this lifetime we realize Him only then we can practice devotion in the true sense. Then every moment of our lives, 24 hours - day and night is spent in His awareness. And we will be able to do Simran (remembrance) naturally. Thus we would be able to live a meaningful life. Not just for our own personal needs and greed. But, our Soul’s sole purpose should be that whatever comfort we can give out to others, we should and not only give priority to ourselves. But, we should be ready for what we can do for others and focus on how we can improve someone’s life. We just heard during the congregation that if we do something for others, then we also would feel good from within. Likewise there are many points that were touched upon – be it Humanness, Oneness or Peaceful Co-existence; these and many others which we have witnessed being implemented in our Mission since years. This whole world is one and so are the people living here. After self-realization we do imbibe the True human values (Manur Bhav) in ourselves, And also see the spark of God (Nirankar) in everyone around us.

Thus, by serving others we also follow the saying that ‘service to mankind is service to God’ (Nar Sewa Narayan Puja). Similarly, whatever we are doing in our life, be it in the materialistic world, and while handling responsibilities of our family lives, It is said that we cannot do devotion by detaching ourselves from these responsibilities. But, we can only be the true versions of ourselves once we are practicing by living in the family and by doing our daily deeds and following our responsibilities. We need to be cautious when we find out some differences prevailing amongst family members due to various reasons or temperamental issues. First and foremost it is necessary to improve our relations at our own homes, only then we will be able to showcase the essence of selflessness and prioritizing others to the society and the world. Let us lead our lives by imbibing these virtues and staying surrendered to God. Before I take your leave, I would like to say – Those who have realized God is praiseworthy. We need to ensure to stay in His awareness at all times. So that we intentionally don’t hurt anyone or do any harm to ourselves. But, even after realizing Him if we shall remain ignorant of His presence then forget about the unintentional follies, rather we would definitely make many intentional mistakes and somehow we will hurt others.

So, if we want to save ourselves from these vices, then we need to submerge ourselves completely in God, whose part we are. As it is said that salvation can be achieved during our lifetime and not after death. But, during our lifetime if we can merge with this God which is always around us, then we can lead rest of our lives beautifully. I will not take more time as this congregation was scheduled till 9 O’clock. This trip to Australia was planned mainly for attending the Nirankari Youth Symposium being organized at Sydney. However, a thought came for those saints who cannot reach there due to various reason, so first we planned to visit them hence, yesterday we covered the city of Perth and today arrived here at Adelaide. This will continue further so that I can see more saints and get blessings from all.”

On March 6, 2019 a farewell was organized before heading to Sydney for NYS.

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