Overseas Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From February 24, 2019 onwards
Singapore: February 25, 2019

Her Holiness Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj departed from Delhi on the evening of 24th February, 2019 after blessing a huge gathering the same say at Samagam Ground No.2. This is Her first salvation tour as the Spiritual Head of the Mission.

Satguru Mata Ji landed in Singapore early on 25th February morning. She was received by Shri S.S. Sundram from the Indian High Commission and facilitated through Changi Airport to devotees waiting to welcome Her.

A welcome programme themed ‘Be the Lighthouse’ was held in the evening at the Singapore Swimming Club, attended by about 300 devotees and their guests. Many saints also came from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India. The programme started with a graceful fusion dance from four different regions, and included Kavitas, speeches, skits and songs in Hindi, English and other languages. The youth were prominently active in this programme explaining the human values which make a person a ‘Lighthouse’.

Her Holiness met some prominent persons such as Mr Vashi Khailani, President of Sai Baba Group, Mr Vashi Parasram, President Sindhi Merchant Association, Mr and Mrs Chello Ram, and Mr Raj from BK Modi Group.

The main Samagam was also with the theme of ‘Lighthouse’ started at 8 pm with active participation from neighbouring countries as well. Rev Rakesh Mutreja Ji facilitated a Question and Answer session in which many questions were answered and doubts clarified. Rev Ramit Chandna Ji gave the closing speech, Mr S.M. Singh Ji thanked all for their participation.

Addressing the congregation, Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Saints, since the time I’ve reached Singapore, I was eagerly waiting for the Satsang to begin. And I am really happy to be here today because we all are here to celebrate humanity. I was elated to see the various mediums through which Nirankar is praised and discussed here, be it through poetries, songs, speeches, cultural dance forms or audio-video presentations. Everybody maintained the decorum of the congregation and enjoyed the spiritual discussions on Almighty. I’m extremely delighted to hear that not only from Singapore but, devotees have travelled from surrounding countries to be a part of today’s congregation.

Without taking much of your time, I’d like to mention only one thing that Satsang is very important for all of us. As there was a question asked, that why do we need to go to Satsang regularly? Satsang is the path to strengthen our belief in God. Once a devotee asked Kabir ji, about the need of attending Satsang on regular basis, Kabir ji explained this with an example of a hammer and a nail. He said, when you hit a nail with a hammer a few times, the repeated impact fixes the nail into the wall. Similarly, each time we attend Satsang repeatedly, our faith in God strengthens. Satsang reinstates man’s faith in God. We may call God by different names but, there is only one ultimate Divine and Satsang keeps us connected to Him while teaching human values and keeping us deeply engrossed in Nirankar.

The remembrance and reminiscence of Nirankar should happen all the time, there should not be any specific time dedicated for that. No matter what work we are busy with, Simran should happen with every breath. Through Sewa, Simran and Satsang, we can stay connected with Nirankar. Simran should be done throughout the day. The kind of enthusiasm we are seeing for Satsang today, such keenness should always be there. As for Sewa, it should be taken with great sincerity. Reaching Satsang on time, maintaining the decorum and putting its learnings to practice is also a Sewa in itself. If a specific duty is allotted; related to langer, parking or managing queues etc. then, that duty should be done earnestly. In fact, where ever we get the opportunity to serve, we should take it. Form of Sewa could be as simple as providing comfort to our colleagues in office. Service should be selfless and without any motive, with the constant realisation of Nirankar.

I would not take much of your time now, since it’s already too late, considering that tomorrow is a working day for you all. I would like to thank all the saints for being a part of the Satsang today and extend my best wishes to them for making Nirankar and the Divine Knowledge a way of live. Through the vibes and energy here, one can feel that the words and actions of saints are very much in sync and there is absolutely no contrast. This is possible only because of God-knowledge, so those who are keen to know about the ultimate Divine should come forward to quench their spiritual thirst.”