43rd State-level Nirankari Sant Samagam, Uttar Pradesh, 2018

Varanasi: March 10-11, 2018

With the benign blessings of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj, Varanasi had the privilege to host 43rd State-level Samagam of Uttar Pradesh on March 10-11, 2018. Since the Samagam was being held in the State after a gap of 5 years, the devotee came with great enthusiasm from all parts of Uttar Pradesh as also several other parts of the country. The previous Samagam was held in Lucknow in 2013.

Organized in vast grounds near Kapsati Bazar along Varanasi-Bhadohi Road, the Samagam started with a warm welcome to Her Holiness on her arrival at the Samagam venue on March 10. The Chairman of the Samagam Committee and Zonal Incharge Varanasi, Rev Ramashankar Shukla Ji and Member Incharge, Branch Administration of the State, Rev S.L. Khurana Ji from Delhi welcomed Her Holiness with garlands on behalf of all the devotees. Thereafter, Satguru Mata Ji was seated in a flower-bedecked open vehicle and led in a colourful procession. All the members of the Samagam Committee, Zonal Incharges from the State and other saints led the procession which was marked with Sewadal band and devotees dancing in the their traditional costumes. Thousands of devotees greeted Satguru Mata Ji who also showered her divine blessings on all. The procession concluded near the dais in the main Satsang Pandal.

This was followed by an open session in which various speakers, poets and Geetkars highlighted the Mission’s principles in detail. Shri Varinder Singh, MP from the area sought blessings from Her Holiness and said that such a large number of participants shows that love and humanity are the real need of the mankind. Like any other great spiritual masters of the past, Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj is spreading the message of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ today. He said that only spiritual masters have shown the right path to humanity.

Addressing the gathering towards conclusion of the first day’s Satsang Programme, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, we have been enjoying the words of saints in this Samagam of Uttar Pradesh. Saints have always taught us that we all are children of the one and the same Almighty God. You listened to what Kabir Ji has said. He says – Hindus love their Rama and Muslims their Rahim. And both are fighting over names of God without knowing the reality, their real entity. So, man is ready to fight over the names of God, but he does not try to know the reality. Kabir Ji tells us to rise above discriminations based on caste and religion and receive God-knowledge. Only then we can see the image of God in every human being, only then we shall treat them as our own.

Saints, you heard from Mahapurshas also that we have measured the entire earth. We have reached the stars. We have conquered the whole universe. But the only thing that we have lost is ‘man’. Worldly speaking, we have made tremendous progress. No doubt we are already planning to have human habitation on the Moon and the Mars, but we have lost human qualities like love and humility which are so essential for every human being. For his own benefit, man is prepared to harm anybody in any manner. However, when one attains God-knowledge, his life becomes balanced and blissful just like Meerabai, Bulleh Shah, Kabir Ji and Ravidas Ji.

Saints, may God bless us so that we adopt the teachings of the Mission and march forward on the path of life and spread these teachings in every nook and corner of the world not only by words but our behaviour also. Only then we shall be able to follow what Baba Ji taught us i.e., let man love man and become a support for each other.”

The Samagam on second day began with Sewadal Rally. A large number of men and women in their Sewadal uniform assembled in the main Pandal to rededicate themselves to the service of the Mission as also the mankind and seek the benign blessings from Satguru. The programme included a few PT exercise, games and some cultural items highlighting the importance of discipline, dedication and cooperation while doing Sewa.

Blessing the Rally, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, a large number of devotees enjoyed the Sewadal Rally. These members in uniform are also devotees like you assembled from various places for selfless service. They are ready to perform Sewa wherever they are called upon.

Saints, they are not serving the Mission only. They are always prepared to do Sewa with full enthusiasm wherever they are called upon elsewhere. People may not be familiar with the Mission, but when they see you doing Sewa, they praise the Mission also. They are all impressed with the spirit of Sewa in our Mission.

Saints, just now you heard Baba Ji saying that you are not doing Sewa for your own praise. You are doing different with the spirit that saints have always lived for others. May God bless you all so that you all continue to do Sewa with this feeling and with greater and greater zeal.”

The Sewadal Rally was followed by the concluding session of the Samagam. Saints highlighted the teachings of the Mission in different languages through speeches, poems and songs. Rev. V. D. Nagpal Ji General Secretary of the Sant Nirankari Mandal, Shri S. L. Khurana Ji Member Incharge Branches, Shri Ramakant Shukla Ji Chairman of the Samagam Committee and Zonal Incharge Varanasi and Shri Sidharth Singh Coordinator thanked Satguru Mata Ji for not only giving them this occasion to serve but also for making the Samagam a success. They also thanked the Local Administration and residents for their whole hearted cooperation as also the participants for ignoring inconvenience caused to them.

Addressing the huge gathering Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Saints, on the second day of the Samagam today, you witnessed the Sewadal Rally in the morning and then you heard the saints here. Whatever languages they used, their purpose was only to highlight how to live life as per teachings the Satguru.

Saints, we see at home that if a member’s clothes are dirty and he wants to go out, we at once ask him to change his clothes, otherwise anyone who sees will start making (negative) comments. Saints, likewise if we see somebody and find something wrong, we also start having negative thoughts about him. Why don’t we feel ashamed at that time? We never realize that God is watching us.

Similarly, when someone points out something that we speak and he does not like, we do not care for it. Instead, we repeat the same thing in front of other people. We do not realize that they too may not like it and have the same comments (as the first man made).

Saints, if somebody criticizes us, we start hating and criticizing him without realizing the circumstances in which he might have made those comments. Why do we leave the path of devotion. If we remain connected with God, if we do Sumiran in such a situation, He will make us broad-minded since He Himself is infinite. He does not suffer from any shortcoming.

Saints, the same way we too might have said even something worse against someone due to our own circumstances. On that we are reminded of the lines stated by Kabir Ji – When I went in search of a bad person, I found myself to be worse than all.

Saints, if we look at our own faults, we shall improve ourselves and this will go on improving the world.

Saints, devotion is not a subject of body, in devotion we always rise above body. Hence, if somebody says something and our body gets affected, it means it is related to body. Let us not allow anything to affect our devotion.”

*   *   *