January 14: Smalkha, HR -Bhakti Parv

Development Starts at Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex Samalkha

Satguru Mata Ji Presides Over Bhakti Parv Samagam

In one of the greatest events in the history of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj inaugurated on Sunday, January 14, 2018, voluntary Sewa for the development of the Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex near Samalkha about 60 Kms from Delhi on G.T. Road. The ceremony was performed by a cut in the ground by Her Holiness.

Her Holiness said that the complex is the divine vision of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj which is being translated into reality now. Thousands of the Sewadal volunteers and other devotees will come from all over India Zone-wise and render voluntary service on weekly basis.

The Complex envisages to have a huge Samagam Pandal, almost three times larger than the Mission had for its Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam in Delhi. There will be a permanent pavilion to house the Nirankari Pardarshani, Kids exhibition, exhibition by the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation and the one by Health and Medical Department.

The Complex will also have a Museum and a Sarovar. There will be a large publication stall from where the visitors will be able to pick up the Mission’s literature, DVDs, photographs, calendars and diaries etc. Moreover, there will be a place for community kitchen (Langar) and a canteen.

The development in the Complex will be based on the latest audio-visual technology.

On arrival at the venue, Her Holiness, seated in an open decorated vehicle, was led by the Members of the Central Planning and Advisory Board and Executive Committee and other saints associated with Prachar and management as also thousands of devotees, up to the venue of the inauguration ceremony. It became a beautiful procession by itself.

After the ceremony, Satguru Mata Ji presided over the Bhakti Parv Samagam at the same venue. Devotees from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and several other parts of the country were present in a huge number. During the day long Samagam tributes were paid to Nirankari devotees who devoted their lives in preaching the message of the Mission by word and deed. Various speakers paid tributes to them through speeches, songs and poems. Addressing the Samagam, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, we have all arrived here today on the occasion of Bhakti Parv to take inspiration from our saints of the past. A saint always associates Brahmgyan with his actions and lives life with the feeling of complete surrender.

As you heard from Baba Ji also, the more a tree is laden with fruits, the more does it bend. These saints also obeyed whatever they were told to do, without any ifs or buts. They accepted the responsibility or Sewa assigned to them and never had any pride about it. You might have read in ‘Hardev Bani’ also that the milk gets spoiled by a small quantity of something sower. Similarly, Sewa becomes meaningless if the devotee suffers from pride about it even slightly.

Saints, you are all familiar with the life of Bhai Sahib Santokh Singh Ji. He was asked to go to Sarovar and he got ready at once to shift there. As you all know at that time this Sarovar land was only a forest. Floods came quite often. It was full of snakes. Many people tried to stop him from going there, leaving his comforts. But he said ‘I have received the order and I must obey.’

Saints, you all know that the Mission did not have sufficient financial resources at that time. It had not many vehicles of its own. Pradhan Labh Singh Ji went to Bengal. He did not know even the local language and still he travelled to every corner by bus or train. You are aware about the conditions of roads during those days and the time taken by buses. Even then he went round and preached the Mission in Bengal.

I was talking to Raj Mami Ji. She mentioned about her brother Prahlad Ji and father (Bhapa Ramchand Ji, Kapurthala). In view of his old age, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji asked Bhapa Ramchand Ji to take a car for his long Prachar tours. But he requested Baba Ji with folded hands that ‘whenever one bus breaks down, I get another immediately. In case I take a car and another 2 or 3 persons with me, it will be a burden on the Mandal and also a burden on the people where we go.’ Baba Ji mentioned this in the Working Committee Meeting held in School when he was receiving messages from several places requesting for vehicles for Prachar tours. Baba Hardev Singh Ji also once mentioned that Bhapa Ramchand Ji did so much Prachar of the Mission while he had no vehicle.

Saints always have a feeling of complete surrender and this feeling comes only when one relies on God. In this connection, I am again reminded of the word Godfidance. They do not depend on their own confidence but they believe in Godfidance. They always believe that whatever God does, it is for their welfare.

Saints, about 2-3days back, the eldest son of Pitaji (Bhai Sahib Amar Singh Ji, Patiala) came to Delhi and we talked about him for a long time. He mentioned that ‘once Pitaji came to Delhi and Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji gave him a Dupatta (white scarf). He went back to Patiala and asked Bhabhi Ji (his wife) to keep it in the cupboard. After some time, when he visited Delhi again, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji put another Dupatta round his neck. When he went back, he again handed over the Dupatta to Bhabhi Ji asking her to fold it and keep it. When he visited Delhi for the third time, Shahenshah Ji put Dupatta round his neck and said that now this should not be taken off. Pita Ji bowed his head, with folded hands, at Shahenshah Ji’s holy feet and begged for blessings so that he is able to maintain the dignity of dupatta by acting upon the teachings of the Mission before preaching the same to others.’

Once I read somewhere that ‘If you have more time to teach others or educate others, you will have less time to educate yourself.’ And a perfect saint is always like an innocent school-going child. Whatever he is taught, he grasps it and as he goes to higher classes he learns more. Then, he acts upon the same and rises in life. Similarly, after receiving Brahmgyan a devotee also keeps or learning with innocent feelings. It is with such feelings only that he follows his devotion. He attends congregation where he learns a lot. A few days back, saints were singing a song saying that if we learn to act, we shall have no need to speak. Saints, today you had the ground breaking ceremony here no doubt in English we describe it as ground breaking but it is the making of the Spiritual Complex. Every planning of this complex was done by Baba Ji himself and you also saw the master plan here today. About 3 years back Baba Ji said during the Samagam that when devotees go back, their fragrance continues to prevail in the ground. Saints, similarly every particle of this land is full of fragrance of Baba Ji’s love and his teachings. May God bless us all so that we are able to look after this land and live life as cherished by Baba Ji.”

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