Ideology | Aim of Human Life

The primary objective of human life is God Realization which leads to Self Realization.

Human Life is an opportunity to awaken ourselves out of dream of Illusion and realize the real self which is part of continuum - the fact that my existence is false and that I do not exist is true.

The realisation of God takes into its fold the realisation of Self in such a manner that the latter ceases to be significant, merges its entity with the Supreme entity, i.e. God. The spark becomes part of the Flame, the drop's journey comes to an end after it is immersed in the Ocean.

Once God is realised by Soul, once it discovers the Truth and is face to face with it, righteousness, purity and nobleness take on, rather drive away all the false and evil forces dominating human life hitherto.

The darkness of ignorance having automatically gone on the advent of Divine Light, ill-will gives place to goodwill, hatred to love, discord to tolerance and so on. All apprehensions and delusions disappear. The life becomes as clean, pure and sublime as Divinity itself.