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Sant Nirankari Mission - Edmonton: Community Services - Welfare(Kids activities )

"SummerSpark Camp: Learn, Laugh, Live Values"

With the warm embrace of the summer sun, the Edmonton team from Sant Nirankari Mission
gears up to bring joy to the children in our community during the school break. The Summer
Camp, unfolding over two exciting weeks, isn't a typical camp—it's an exhilarating journey
filled with opportunities to learn, have fun, and embrace essential human values.

Tailored for our lively group, the Summer Camp is like an exciting treasure trove. From
engaging in arts and captivating science experiments to creating delicious treats, practicing yoga,
participating in sports, delving into important values like love, and kindness, and treating
others respectfully, each day offers a chance to explore something new and thoroughly enjoyable.
It's akin to a vast playground where every child can try out novel activities and uncover
their interests.

What sets this camp apart is the involvement of our older kids in the planning process.
Contributing to organizing the camp provides them with a sense of leadership, an opportunity
to acquire valuable skills, and the chance to form lasting friendships.

But that's not all confined indoors! The Summer Camp extends the celebration outdoors with
gardening, nature explorations, and friendly competitions. It's all about teamwork, helping,
and having an absolute blast.