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Sant Nirankari Mission Edmonton - Community Services

"May God bless so that every human has such a vision; so that instead of discriminating based on
caste, creed, language, nationality and other such actors, men get united with each other and live with love, peace, brotherhood and humanity".
(Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj)


Spirituality encompasses the journey of self-realization and understanding the divine creator. It goes beyond merely knowing the creator but involves recognizing the presence of God within the entire creation. Our spiritual quest remains incomplete unless our actions are devoted to serving this creation. To know the Creator and then serve the Creator through service to His creation is the essence of our spiritual path. The members of the SNM Edmonton Branch actively participate in humanitarian, social, and environmental services to bring about positive transformations in their communities. Drawing inspiration and guidance from Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudikha Ji Maharaj, they engage in spiritual practices while dedicating their time, energy, and goodwill to organize various social, charitable, and spiritual activities. These endeavours are a reflection of His Holiness Baba Ji's vision and tireless efforts.

The primary objectives of their social service events and activities include:
  • Providing a means of support to those in need, offering hope, love, and spiritual guidance.
  • Collaborating with other individuals, organizations, communities, and societies to build a robust network committed to constructing a community founded on peace, compassion, and humanity.
  • Offering meaningful activities to the youth that not only keep them morally and spirituallygrounded but also provide avenues for building confidence, achieving personal growth, and forming social bonds.