When I was asked to write this article, I questioned myself how is this possible ? If someone says, one can count stars in the sky, I may believe him for a second. If one claims to count number of drops in the ocean, it may still be possible. But how can we ever count so many blessings showered upon us ? Any time, I tried to bind infinite grace in finite words, I have failed. I know, any number of words will not be able to express enough gratitude for divine grace Satguru has bestowed upon us. But you all are forgiving saints, so please forgive me for mistakes I would have made in these expressions.

Seeing some tears, we can imagine happiness or grief hidden behind them, but we can never have the same feelings unless it becomes our experience. Satguru has transformed our lives to enjoy the ever lasting eternal bliss and make it our experience every moment. We read about saints and devotees in scriptures, with satguru's grace we see those expressions becoming part of our lives and experiences of saints around us. Thank you Satguru for this precious gift of life and your grace.

I pay electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill and so many other bills every month. How can I ever put price tag on light and energy Satguru gave us through Sun ? How can I ever imagine price of fresh air, and water from rain, beautiful flowers in the garden and clouds in the sky. For so many years, heart has continuously pumped blood all around the body without taking a single break. How can I ever stop thanking you ? Thank you Satguru.

Whether it is India or USA, Bangalore or Denver, or any other corner of the world, you have given me such a strong "suraksha kavach" of God knowledge. Whether it is American, Indian, Chinese, Australian or any other nation citizen, you have ignited that spark of love in my heart for each human being, how can I thank you enough for planting this seed of love in my heart. I know it is a billion dollar industry for anger management, stress management, depression therapy and so many mental disorders. You have blessed me with satsang and saints, just by meeting them with your focus, anger-stress-depression do not even come closer to me. How can I ever thank you for this invaluable gift ? Thank you Satguru.

I am born in Gujarati family, Madhuri ji (my wife) is born in Punjabi family, children know neither Gujarati nor Punjabi very well. But your love knows no boundary of language, thank you for binding all of us with single thread of love and millions of hearts as well in this same bond. How will I ever be able to express my gratitude for this bond which sets us free from rigidity of language, region and culture.

Each moment of my life, each place on this earth, each person on this planet, each event around me reflects your divine grace, Satguru, please bless me, so that, not a single breath gets wasted without thanking you.

 By: Sanjay Dholakiya Ji