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Samarpan Diwas Samagam In Chicago

On May 13, 2017, the Chicago Center for Oneness hosted Samapran Diwas, or Surrender Day, in remembrance of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji. Devotees from 12 neighboring states gathered to pay tribute to His Holiness. During the program, saints expressed their immense love and gratitude for Baba Ji and spoke of how He impacted their lives. Baba ji's message of surrender to Nirankar, humility, good wishes for all and spreading truth were emphasized.

In addition to the program, the Chicago youth organized an exhibition in the langar hall, contributing memories and artwork in remembrance of Baba Ji and Avneet Ji. The exhibition consisted of pictures of/with Baba Ji, paintings and artistic interpretations of His philosophies. Neeru Kalra Ji from Chicago created a time capsule and invited saints to write down one improvement they will make in tribute to Baba Ji, which will be opened next year on Samarpran Diwas. Namarata Mirpuri Ji, Shobita Chander Ji, Aastha Juneja Ji and Rishi Jadwani Ji from Chicago created a video compilation of Chicago saints. Devotees selected one word that best describes Baba Ji and stated what their tribute to Him will be. There was also a video message from Baba Ji himself. Additionally, the exhibition had a display with models and musings from the children of the Chicago sangat, showcased to express the impact Baba Ji left on their lives. The feedback provided by saints was very good. The exhibition was an artistic expression of Baba Ji's divinity and tireless efforts to spread the message of truth far and wide. It also highlighted His sentiment of sunflowers facing the Sun.

The congregation began with devotional music and throughout the program, devotees conveyed their thoughts. We welcomed David Brummell, the mayor of Warrenville, and the Emily Larson, the city clerk. The mayor spoke and reflected on the time he met Baba Ji at the Chicago Center for Oneness' inauguration in 2012. He spoke of Baba Ji's tireless work for human welfare, His profound spiritual values and commitment to mankind. Mahesh Ji from Milwaukee reminded the congregation that the "updesh" (message) has remained the same since the beginning of time, as it is given by God and the ‘aadesh’ (instruction) has changed depending on the times. Ashish Ahuja Ji from Michigan reminisced on how we were privileged to receive Baba Ji's love, and although He is no longer here in His physical form, we still can experience His love our hearts and His presence in Satguru Mata Savinder Ji. Sukhdev Singh Ji from Chicago recited a poem for Baba ji, "You taught us how to live, how to rid the world of hate. You who awakened my sleeping takdeer (destiny). May I continue to speed your mission and distribute the same love that you distributed. May your sacrifices never be forgotten. May this love story stay alive for ages." Thereafter, Ajay Bajaj Ji from Chicago shared some excerpts from Gurudev Hardev, Shastri's Ji's book on Baba Ji's teachings; "To bring light somewhere, all that is needed is a lamp. There is no need to slander the darkness." No matter the method of presentation, the message of love, devotion and surrender was constant; may we forget "me" and "I" and truly surrender to the Almighty.