Blissful Journey

Live Satsang Audio on Dial-in Telephone activated for 75th Nirankari Sant Samagam

Live Audio from Satsang programmes in the 75th Nirankari Sant Samagam is now available on telephones having no internet facility.A telephone Dial-in facility has now been activated on the following numbers. 01164802722 02248798004 02248798012 02250972744 02250972745 This facility will be available during 17-20 Nov, 2022 75th Samagam Co-ordination CommitteeSant Nirankari Mandal, Delhi

Books Released on the Occasion of 75th Nirankari Sant Samagam

Following books were released by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj on the Prarthana Divas of 75th Nirankari Sant Samagam. Hardev Bani translated in Punjabi, Telugu and English languages Mere Hardev translated in Marathi and Telugu languages 75th Samagam Souvenier with ‘Roohaniyat Aur Insaniyat Sang-Sang’ as the central theme Ek Nazar Special Edition dedicated to the …

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Sant Samagam – Discover your True Self

बरवा संत समागमु प्रकटला आत्मारामु These lines written by Saint Gyaneshwar emphasise the importance of Sant Samgam in one’s journey to know the true self. And this discovery happens at Sant Samgam: ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ Being in the company  of saints …

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संत समागम कितने एकड़ में हो रहा है?

रात का वक्त था। अचानक बारिश जोरों से शुरू हुई। सुनसान रस्ते पर बसी एक छोटी सी कुटियां पर किसी ने दस्तक दी। अंदर से एक शख्स ने सहमे-सहमे दरवाजा खोला और पूंछा -“कौन है?” पथिक ने कहा, “मैं रास्ते से गुजर रहा था और अचानक जोरों से बारिश शुरू हो गई। इस बे-मौसम बरसात …

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Our Samagam Is Here

Our Samagam is Here Where happiness is limitless, Where the mind is always clear, Look alive, experience the bliss, Our Festival, Our Samagam is here. Where we submerge our souls, In the congregation of our Master. Where, by the opportunity of Seva, Our bodies get stronger and faster. Where each mind experiences, This God-Realisation so …

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Nirankari Sant Samagam – Happy To Serve

There’s a quote: ‘Volunteers are not paid—not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.’  Selfless service is integral to devotion; it reflects surrender and love towards the Almighty. Selfless service is an unconditional act rendered with great humility and compassion towards mankind.  Nirankari Sant Samagam is synonymous with selfless service – ‘of the …

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Nirankari Sant Samagam – Model of an Ideal World

Imagine an ideal world – a world without walls. It’s a world where everyone lives blissfully in harmony, regardless of their religion, cast, creed, color, culture or status. People are bound together by the universal language of love. In this world each one holds utmost compassion for everyone else, eager to serve all every moment. …

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75 Years – A Blissful Journey

NIRANKARI SAMAGAMS The gathering of Mission’s devotees in large numbers periodically to celebrate the essence of enlightenment; also intending to share it with other brothers and sisters across the world is what we know as Samagam. Nirankari Samagams have become synonymous with selfless service, discipline, togetherness along with spiritual and ethical discourse, everything contributing to …

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