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A Report on Rev. Sanjeev powari ji's parchar visit to Boston

October 10-11, 2015

The Boston sangat was very delighted to have Rev. Sanjeev Powari ji come and bless the sangat. Throughout the weekend, there was so much learning that the saints, especially the youth, were able to enjoy. The Sangat quickly took a common theme, which can be summarized by the quote “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” We were all born, but many never come to know why they have taken birth on this Earth. Sanjeev Powari ji conveyed this message in a very beautiful way. He explained that the goal of this human life is to meet the True Master who gives you “brahm gyan” or God Knowledge and in turn introduces you to the formless Nirankar.


Many saints also explained the topic in their own unique way. Rev. Tushar ji gave the example of a microorganism and how in its 24-hour life span, it manages to be born, become mature, reproduce and finally die. He further explained that the micro-organism does the same things Humans do in so many years. Therefore, what is the meaning of being on this earth for so long? Another example given in sangat was of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda, read in the Holy Scriptures that an Enlightened Saint or True Master can introduce you to God and help you achieve salvation. When he read this, he traveled day in night in search of the True Master, and rejected any so-called Guru that said that God can’t be seen without performing rituals.  Finally, he met Ravidas ji, who gave him the the precious Brahm gyan that the Sant Nirankari Mission gives today.

Rev Sanjeev Ji starts off his Holy Discourse with the example that the bow and arrow thinks that it kills Raavan, however, it’s actually Ram who kills Raavan. Sometimes as humans we think we are the doers, however, an enlightened soul knows that it is God who is the doer. And when we get this God Knowledge from the True Master, all types of misconceptions and hatred go away. Powari ji goes on to say that the religious scriptures that are written are scripted by the Lord himself because the writer is in a state where he is Enlightened. And that’s the reason for all of this hatred in the name nof religion today, because in order to fully understand it, one needs to be Enlightened. He quoted the Bible which says “God made man in His own image,” and that means that he made us all with an equal vision, for loving one another.


In conclusion, Powari ji taught all of us that the meaning of life is for humans to attain this God knowledge and then follow the words of the Satguru. This will create harmony in the world and will be a definite path for world peace. We thank His Holiness for all the learning and the Boston Sadh Sangat is looking forward to Rev. Sanjeev Powari Ji’s next visit.

 Contributors to report: Aaran Ji