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Arpita Chadha

Slowly as the day begins to unfold
Sunshine its beautiful warmth bestows
The heart beats some song so pretty
With the synchrocity of some mysterious energy

A feeling that's blissful and peaceful in itself
A pleasantness that's so ever afresh
An inner smile that the soul wears on
As the days go on to where they belong....

I watch the birds who can't really talk
But sure have an eye that 'can' express
The swift squirrel as she runs up the tree
A shaggy tail carrying a trail of where its been

When you enter into the worldly hemisphere
There are people and people just everywhere
People who really are walking machines
Fulfilling tasks amidst the mundane of other things

Nature is simple and mankind complex
Analysis there is where there is progress
But really "progressing where?" is the question
Don't all conquests end in a burrow and not a mansion

Living... is realizing the beauty of this world
Undying beauty that will last forever
When you and I are gone from this endeavour
And our 'thinking caps' are tucked away forever

To live each moment like it was our last
To sense each joy like it was the best that we've had
To love all souls without judgement or pride
Is eventually where our own happiness lies