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Sudeep Chawla

What could possibly be one suspect that separates the human soul from emerging into this super soul we know as Formless God (Nirankar)? Fortunately, I have come to conclusion that our MIND is what dictates such things. What is our mind capable of doing? We have heard His Holiness Nirankari Baba ji explain that our ego, hatred, and intolerance are what often keep us separated from our true nature. So what can we do to remove these maladies from our lives and live in a peaceful and blissful life? This is where spiritual enlightenment and the practice of the three karmas sewa, simran, and satsang come into play. Interpreting God knowledge and these karmas into our lives in real sense helps us steer away our mind from hatred, ego, and intolerance to a more blissful, happy, and contented one.

God realization is simply "true knowledge". There are many professors, teacher, and instructors in this world, but it is very important we pick a "true master" of the profession we entitle ourselves to learn from. For instance, if we were interested in the field of health and medicine, we enroll ourselves into medical school with distinct medical professors teaching the course. If we were interested in the field of criminal justice or law, we enroll ourselves into law school with law instructors. However, when it comes to learning about the true lessons of being a human being, we enroll ourselves in spirituality, taught only by a "true master". A true master is the only one that can reveal this true knowledge to us.

Some people have a misconception that after receiving this God knowledge, their life will lead to eternal bliss without any further practice. Similar to a doctor earning his medical degree or a lawyer owning a law degree, if they don't practice what they have learned on a regular basis, the MIND is capable of separating the value of that degree. So wha do we do to practice the degree of God knowledge? This is where the three karmas come into place: Selfless Giving (Sewa), Meditation (Simran), and Congregation (Satsang).

Selfless giving is very important in reducing the malady of ego. By humbly providing our services to one another, we not only feel good but also reduce the discrimination of one person being better than the other. In mathematical terms, there is a well known equation that any number, whether big or small, taken to the zero power always equals ONE! Similarly, doesn't matter what caste, creed, or any other characteristic, the moment one surrenders oneself to a state of zero, he/she automatically is practicing this divine knowledge emerging with this ONE god.

Congregation is very important in controlling the human mind, especially in this generation of socialism. We tend to become very social and love to do things in groups and watching others perform humble duties and share thoughts about God shifts our minds into a mode to do what others are doing and walk on the path of righteousness.

Meditation is probably the most important karma in my eyes because it can be done anywhere and anytime. This is very significant knowing the mind can turn fanatical anywhere and anytime. By simply reciting and telling oneself "oh god, I am under your shelter, please forgive me" one is able to control his/her mind from maladies.

It is imperative we do not take undue advantage of this spiritual enlightenment and these karmas. Because karma simply means what goes around, comes around. For instance, instead of praying for a good grade RIGHT BEFORE an exam, we should pray before the school semester starts for the energy and ability to study properly to get a good exam grade. Instead of performing volunteer service to someone that is limited only to a particular group, we should serve people in local community as well. Instead of keeping the company of those who mean harm, we should try making friends and interacting with those who mean good. By repetitively performing these tasks on a daily basis, we not only obtain the true knowledge, but also practice its teachings. This is how our mind avoids ego, intolerance, and hatred into a mind that is full of bliss, peace, harmony, and love.

Let's pray for everyone that, we are able to follow these teachings set forth by the true master himself, His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj.