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Abiding Happiness

Sukhmeet Sadwal

Happiness - What is it? Why do we want it? What makes it so special?Happiness, in our definition, is what brings us joy and what puts a smile on our faces. However, that is not the true definition of abiding happiness. Abiding happiness is accepting happiness in a true, long-lasting way(more on lasting happiness). We get happiness in ephemeral things that we only shortly enjoy. For example, a child may enjoy his Playstation for so long. But when he sees a new 80 gigabyte Playstation 3, he longs to have it. Similarly, we continuously want these materialistic things, instead of really getting happiness by knowing our eternal parent- God. We must learn to know him by attending Sangat and understanding what is his message to us, and why must we realize his message. By knowing God, we may forever have happiness and live a contended and blessed life.

What makes happiness so special? Happiness is a form of nature; it is a natural thing that we want. As a respected saint says, 'I want peace', you say. Simply remove the 'I' and remove the 'want' and you will have 'peace'. Peace is not something to search for. It is 'I', our egos, and 'want', our desires that make peace elusive." He explains that by removing "I" and "want", we will get "peace". You can have happiness but not be peaceful, but if you are peaceful, you cannot negate happiness, for you are certain to have happiness. i.e. An evil person can harm someone and still have happiness by doing that, but in a peaceful state, you are calmed and the happiness is inside of you. This is how happiness works, if you attain God-knowledge or gyan, you may be forever happy and realize why God has sent us a very important message of Abiding Happiness.