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Siddharth Kundal
(Age 11 years)

My Dad and I were thinking about what G.O.D. stands for. After brainstorming for a while we recalled that G.O.D. stands for: Generator, Operator, and Destroyer.

He generates what happens in our every day lives; He plans it all, and He knows what will happen to us in the future.

He is the operator which means he operates how the universe works. Sometimes things don't work out and sometimes they do. That's God's decision. We should accept His will without exception

He is also the destroyer. Some people may take that as a negative aspect, but it really isn't, because whenever God takes something away, he's just making room for something better. The Bible says "Do not be discouraged and be strong and courageous."

Hence we need to listen to His Holiness' discourses with much attention to detail with open heart while we empty out our thoughts and all the commotion of our every day lives, listening in the form of an empty pot, ready to be filled with His Holiness' love and divine knowledge.