The Sant Nirankari Mission organizes a Blood Drive in Tracy on Human Unity Day

-by Prafull Lande



The Sant Nirankari Mission, a spiritual movement working towards universal brotherhood, celebrates 'Manav Ekta Divas' (Human Unity Day), every year in the month of April by organizing blood donation camps and health fairs all over the world. Current head of the mission, His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh ji says “Blood should flow in the veins, not on the street” and let there be “Peace, Not Pieces”.

On Sunday, April 27th 2008, the Northern California chapter of the Sant Nirankari Mission celebrated ‘Manav Ekta Divas’ in Tracy, California. Delta Blood Bank, the local non-profit organization, conducted the blood drive. Volunteers of the Sant Nirankari Mission (sewadal) worked hard for the last few weeks planning and making arrangements for the blood donation camp. Communication mediums such as fliers, newspapers, emails, Internet as well as word of mouth were used to make everyone aware of the event and as it turned out that the effort was not in vain. The blood camp received an overwhelming response. 78 people registered and 49 units of blood were collected. Not only devotes of the mission, but people from all different faiths, religious, cultural and social background participated and contributed towards its success. The total blood collected exceeded everyone’s expectations, 50% more than the target. All the volunteers did a lot of hard work. For instance, it was a hot day and there were volunteers of the mission standing at the stop sign (directing the donors) for hours together. Though the timing for the blood camp was from 10 am till 2pm, it had to be extended till 4 pm and still there were a few who could not be accommodated. Delta Blood bank was excited to see the zeal of the donors and the response that the camp received. Blood donors came from places as far as Reno, Fresno, San Jose, and Sacramento. The bank has promised to visit again next year.

Representatives from the Delta blood bank as well as the volunteers of the Sant Nirankari Mission (sewadal) gathered at the Tracy Bhavan very early in the morning to setup the blood camp.  Snacks, fruits and juices were arranged for the blood donors. In a hall, adjacent to the camp, a documentary was shown on a big screen about the divine journey of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and his mission. A satsang program (spiritual congregation) was conducted from 1 pm to 2 pm in the same hall and it was concluded with screening of the message to mankind by the head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh ji. He reinforced the importance of human unity and one of his quotes that struck a chord with the audience was: “Someone cannot do everything but everyone can do something.” How true it was. This message of human unity was not just listened to but being lived by the people who participated in the blood donation camp. After the congregation langar (community lunch) was served.

I got a chance to speak to a few blood donors. Yadwinder Singh from Fremont expressed his joy as a participant and promised to visit again for such blood drive in future. Balhari Singh from San Jose donated blood for the first time and felt deep satisfaction by supporting this noble cause. Overall the feeling was the same amongst the blood donors and everyone seemed very happy by contributing to this noble cause.

The Sant Nirankari Mission today is one of the leading blood donating voluntary organizations in India. Scores of blood donation camps are organized in the month of April every year. These camps are held as per the wishes of the present Spiritual Head of the Mission Baba Hardev Singh who said that donation of blood would be the best tribute to Baba Gurbachan Singh who sacrificed his life for the sake of Truth and human values. Moreover, blood donation is the best service one could offer to humanity. When transfused in human veins blood knows no religion, caste or nationality.

The Sant Nirankari Mission is essentially a spiritual movement. Its principal commitment to its followers is to make their minds conscious of the Eternal Reality and unite their Soul with the Creator, the Formless God. The Mission believes that ignorance and superstition are the biggest obstacles in man’s path to real progress and happiness. The narrow-mindedness, hatred and pride brooded by them are the most vicious source of trouble for the mankind. The Mission endeavors to remove the same by making spiritual enlightenment within the reach of every man and woman--young or old, rich or poor, high or low, educated or illiterate, whatever the language, faith or culture, whatever the state or the nation.

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