Ideology | Universal Brotherhood

"The Universal Brotherhood or - Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum - i.e. One world, One vast family - is a natural outcome of God realization. There is no room for distinction based on caste, colour and creed."

After GOD's realization, we operate at level of continuity that exists throughout in various forms of Life and hence we see a common thread across all diversity. It is this understanding that drives the Mission and the followers to perform actions that ensure Peaceful co-existence and not be fanatics.

Unity Vs Uniformity

The need is not to dwell in uniformity but to able to exist with diverse styles and bring synergy in what we do together. Each individual is unique as created by divinity, it would be against divine nature if we force individuals to think and do alike. We should be able to think differently and yet leverage the formless link to bring synergy and prosperity.