Ideology | Realization of God

Knowing about God is a knowledge and knowing God is Realisation of God as "Knowing about something" is different from "knowing something".

Whereas FORM is manifestation of Maya, GOD is FORMLESS that never changes - Nirankar - Changeless in the changing world - He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and eternal.

God can only be realized with the blessing of living true master.

GOD is the continuum and the world is a super-imposition on this never-changing substratum. We, as limited by five senses, miss the substrate and see what grows over it. Just like we attempt to see SPACE - we see everything - moon, stars, birds and sky; but fail to see the SPACE.

However our mental ability can make us interpret SPACE and we all see it without seeing it. GOD can be realized in a similar manner. This requires an understanding beyond the five senses, however.