Ideology | Peace Within

The realisation of God takes us to a state which is described in spiritual jargon as SEHAJ. This is the state of human mind where man does not feel elated on finding something and pained on losing it. He does not envy the more fortunate and frown at the less fortunate fellow beings.

He is fully contented with what he has. In fact, he feels grateful to the Supreme Donor, God, for whatever has been bestowed on him - physical strength, intellectual ability and material wealth. Comfort lies in realizing what HE IS and not by what he has.

He values the lasting peace and joy within that flows from contentment more than any worldly possession. This is attitude that the Mission seeks to promote through spiritual enlightenment.

Peace is a natural outcome of GOD's realization. The experience immediately changes our outlook - where we start anchoring ourselves at supreme Self and not at our body. This mental change makes us peaceful. Just like the centre of a fan that does not rotate when fan rotates.

If we are anchored right at centre of fan, we never move - if we anchor at periphery of fan, we move with fan. It is this anchoring at supreme self that makes us observer and not observed - and peace is a natural outcome - the unmoved Self.