Community Services | Blood Donation

To save a life is a noble venture, and doing so through blood donation is a priceless gift to the person whose life has been saved. Sant Nirankari Mission is a leader amongst blood donation organizations not just in India, but across the world.

His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj started the program in 1986 after Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's martyrdom as a tribute to him and other individuals who sacrificed their lives to uphold ideals of truth, peace, tolerance, and non-violence. Thus spoke Baba Hardev Singh Ji/His Holiness, "Human blood should flow in the veins, and not in the drains."

Sant Nirankari Mission recognizes blood as a universal human lifeline - all humans, despite caste, colour, gender, or creed, need it to survive. New blood donation camps are always being organized, but three of the largest annual events are:

24th April: Commemorating Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's martyrdom

14th June: World Blood Donor Day

1st October: National Voluntary Blood Donor Day

Nearly 1400 camps have been held since 1986 with over 291,000 units of blood collected. There are more than 200 camps planned for 2008. Now every year more than 36,000 blood units are donated by Sant Nirankari Mission's volunteers.

This invaluable contribution has been recognized at almost every national and international forum on blood donation, including the renowned Indian Red Cross Society.