Live video/audio available from Samagam only At timings listed below

Dates/Timings for Live Broadcast


Plese select manual bitrate as per below instructions from Player controlbar button. Settings button is just leftside of Fullscreen button from bottom right corner.


To Watch Samagam In Full Screen click anywhere in the video when playing or do roll over on video player and press the full screen button in control bar

If not able to see the video, please check the Live Viewing requirements page to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to view the live samagam.

For Live Technical Support Please Click Here


Please click here to check world time zone map
a) You may encounter Net congestion during live broadcast. This should persist for 2-3 minutes periodically during broadcast. If this problem continues for an extended duration of time, please send an email to
b) Please reload this page, to see change in live feed current status.

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